The Kingfisher Pub has been transformed into the House of the Lord and become part of the Living Hope campus. While in days gone by, the building was a place of sin and darkness, it is now a place where God’s people can meet each other as well as becoming a place of light and refuge to those in the local estate.

The aim of the Ignite Centre is to become a witness to the local estate and to provide a place of fellowship for the Church. The Church was able to meet in the centre for New Year’s Eve and see in 2010 together. As you can see from the above photos, the rennovation is now complete, providing the Church with fantastic facilities in which to serve God and the local community. We give humble thanks to God for His provision to us.

The building provides office and storage space for the various ministries within the Church, including Hope in the Community. Various youth and children ministries also take place in the centre, including Tuesday Club, Discovery Club and Solid Rock.

To view some video clips of the work transforming the old pub, click here