All the members of the Living Hope Worship Team “Envoy”Messenger / bringer of news are dedicated to the vision of simply giving the best to our Heavenly Father. Great praise & worship begins deep in the hearts of God’s people. It’s personal, powerful and has a unique fragrance unlike anything on earth. Our Father longs to hear the praises of His people, but praise and worship is more than expressing our love to the Lord, we see our time of worship as a preparation for the powerful and faithful preaching of God’s Word. Not only does our Father long to hear our praises, but He wants to feed us and teach us through His Word, and our time of expressing our love to the Lord through song, is a time to prepare our hearts to receive God’s Word.

We believe our time of praise and worship should be a time that is real and meaningful, a vibrant, refreshing time that truly expresses our love for God, but we also believe in reverence because our God is worthy of such, and the team’s overall desire is that in the act of worship we may all be drawn closer to our Father and that through the praises of His people God will be glorified. We seek to share the truth and reality of Jesus and pray that our praise and worship is not only acceptable to Him, but it also brings a smile to His glorious face.

We are privileged to have song writers in the Church and along with our own music, the songs are a mixture of Lou Fellingham, Matt Redman and Chris Tomlin songs among others which are sung from the heart with meaning and purpose. We are constantly wishing to develop further our gifts that God has given, and long to see more people join us who have a heart for what we believe in and stand for and long to serve Him through the gift of music.

We’d like to encourage you to examine and prepare your own heart, when you join together to worship. Our hearts need to be right before God, and while the praise and worship is a time to prepare us for His Word, just think of the potential when we prepare our hearts beforehand for the worship time as well!