Sunday mornings is our main time for worship. We start at 11am.

We place a very high priority on the Bible and seek for our public worship to be guided by God’s Word. We don’t follow any form of dress code. Some folk are more comfortable in simple jeans and T-shirt whilst others prefer more formal. We also very much welcome some folk in our community who are currently battling with homelessness and extreme poverty. So just come as you are!

We love the Bible- so we’ll listen to it as it’s read aloud. We provide Bible’s for folk to follow along with, the page numbers are usually given out if you’re new to the Bible. No one is asked to publicly read.

We love to sing a blend of modern and older songs. We’re even learning to sing Psalms to well-known tunes. Occasionally we’ll give our musicians a rest and seven sing unaccompanied. We’re privileged to be assisted by gifted singers and a variety of musicians but we’re always keen for other folk to share their talents as well.

Usually, during our singing you may notice some folk clapping, tapping their toes or even raising their hands in the air. DON’T PANIC! These are normal expressions that are even mentioned in the Bible ( not sure about toe-tapping). But don’t worry if it’s not “your thing”, in fact most of our folk prefer to just sing along. You’re free to stand or sit during the singing as well.

We love to celebrate the Lord’s Supper. ( Communion/Eucharist)
We usually do this on the first and third Sunday in each month. We do this during part of our main service and is open to everyone who belongs to the Lord Jesus Christ and is in good relationship with fellow believers. If you’re not yet a Christian you’re more than welcome to remain with us, just let the bread and small cup of non-alcoholic “wine” pass by. There won’t be any fuss made whatsoever.

We love to give to supporting the Church and other worthwhile causes.
We call this “ taking up the offering”. Usually this is done during a song when a basket/bowl will be passed from person-to-person. No ones interested or watching what’s going in or not. No questions will be asked. There’s no need to even explain why you’re not able to give. A number of folk prefer to pay through their bank directly or simply put their cash/cheque into a small brown envelope. So, don’t worry about just passing the basket along. Remember this isn’t an entrance fee, it is just an opportunity for folk to freely contribute to the practical needs of the church. Electricity doesn’t come free! ( nor does a load of other things either)

We love to hear God’s Word in preaching
Usually this is done by our Pastor or a visiting preacher. During this time we’re usually sitting. It usually lasts a minimum of 30 minutes. If during this time you need to pop out then don’t be embarrassed to do so. Feel free to return to your seat. If you have some burning questions etc then feel free to discuss these with the preacher over a coffee afterwards.

We love to talk with each other
Why not come a little bit earlier and catch up over fresh coffee/tea
Or even linger behind after the service. On occasions we just love to take time out and have some good food together.

We love to care
We provide a crèche for preschool children and their parent(s).It has a TV link enabling you to follow the service ( if you’re able too! ) We also provide Bible based activities for Junior aged children as well.
Secondary school aged young folk join us together in the main hall.
We also have a T-Loop system to assist those folk with hearing aids.
We also have easy access for wheel chair users as well as adapted toilets.

We love to be together
On other occasions, we’ll simply arrange trips somewhere for the day or evening. We’ll go for a walk, have a BBQ, catch a film or even have a night out to the theatre/concert…. or even try our hand at bowling! We consider ourselves a family and value the importance of sharing life together in all it’s diversity and fullness and through the “ ups ‘n’downs”….TOGETHER!