Tuesdays may be football night for many but here at Living Hope it’s a time for digging deeper into the Bible and sharing together what we’ve discovered. There is time for catching up with each other as well as praying together. Kick of is 7.30pm and we’re normally finished by 9pm ( that’s 90 mins )…sometimes we have gone into “extra-time” but this is more the exception than the norm.
There’s no pressure to “pray” aloud and certainly not to impress others. Often the” best” prayers are the honest, short and simple ones.
As far as digging deeper into the Bible- well it’s for everyone no matter who you are. It’s open for “newbies” and seasoned veterans! In fact it’s more stimulating and fun when there’s a good mix. You certainly won’t be expected to do anything you’re not comfortable with. Just come along.